Intranet and Extranet


Your business productivity is closely tied to your organization’s ability to centralize and share resources and strategic information. Implementing an intranet or extranet solution, which are critical components of your information system, will help you sustainably and significantly improve your company’s performance. Built using web technologies, the intranet is a secure part of your company’s computer network that promotes unified communication across the organization. It enables centralizing and sharing of essential business documents and applications securely across multiple sites. It also facilitates collaboration among teams. With the same philosophy, the extranet enables sharing and providing access to some of your information and applications for customers, partners, and/or suppliers.

Implementing an extranet solution enables you to establish stronger relationships with your partners and customers, leading to increased loyalty.


La productivité de votre entreprise  est directement liée à la capacité de votre organisation à centraliser et à partager vos ressources et vos informations stratégiques. La mise en place d’une solution intranet ou extranet, éléments clefs de votre système d’information, vous permettra d’améliorer durablement et qualitativement les performances de votre entreprise. Basé sur les technologies web, l’intranet est une partie sécurisée du système informatique de votre entreprise. Cet outil puissant favorise la convergence de l’ensemble de votre société vers une seule et même ligne de communication. Il permet à votre organisation de centraliser et de partager, en toute sécurité et sur plusieurs sites, des documents et des applications métiers essentielles à votre activité. Il facilite l’échange et le travail collaboratif entre vos équipes. Avec la même philosophie que l’intranet, l’extranet permet le partage et la mise à disposition pour vos clients, partenaires et/ou fournisseurs de certaines de vos informations et applicatifs. La mise en place d’une solution extranet vous permettra de tisser des liens privilégiés avec vos partenaires et clients pour une meilleure fidélisation.

Our team supports setup of intranet/extranet for your company.

Intranet benefits:

  • Automated business processes
  • Real-time company management (e.g. business indicators, dashboards)
  • Optimized commercial strategy (e.g. managing prospects, sales force)
  • Real-time inventory management
  • Collaborative work among departments and collaborators (e.g. directory, shared agenda, documentation)

Extranet benefits:

  • Real-time supply management for distributors
  • Personalized workspace and documentation
  • Coordination with partners
  • Order/project tracking for customers
  • Online access to services.

A Tailored Solution:
The intranet or extranet solution offered by Best-Web agency is fully customized to meet your specific business needs.

Built on proven web technologies, we ensure a scalable solution to support your business growth.

Information security is a crucial aspect of our solution, and users have access only to the data and tools authorized for their individual or group roles.

The solution fosters effective communication among employees to enhance team performance and create value.

Accessible and Mobile:
The solution accommodates the mobility of your employees, allowing for easy access from tablets or smartphones.

The solution is adapted to users’ profiles and language settings, with information available in multiple languages to facilitate knowledge sharing.